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Will O' Wisp

Familiars are known throught the magic community for their help in spells and contacting other mages and delivering letters. They are seen in nearly every piece of old literature depicting magic users from the old world, and are often depicted as wierd mash ups of two usually normal creatures to create a new monstrosity. The most common type involve a mash of a bird and some sort of fast animal, allowing it to deliver letters in some of the fastest possible speeds available. They are usually unbreedable, though, due to the fact that they are often created by magic. Their lifespan is only until the mage that made them dies, making them a starting mage's most powerful aide.

Release Date 15 October 2013
Rarity Event(Limited)/Unbreedable

It was part of the 2013 Halloween Event. Obtainable by randomly clicking the pumpkins that appeared every 20 minutes. They were a secret when they were released

Sprite Concept by: Infernette/ Sprite by: Infernette

Egg StagesEdit

No Egg stages. This creature would be bought at Level 9 with 150 clicks.


No Baby stage. This creature would be bought at Level 9 with 150 clicks.


No Teen stages. This creature would be bought at Level 9 with 150 clicks.


It comes with 150 clicks

Will o' wisps are some of the strangest and most unexplained creatures in the veil, often credited to being simply swamp gas and spontaneous combustion in the old world. They are often found in the hallowed woods in the new world, though, and definitely of some sort of being. They are rarely seen, though, and usually only lead someone through the forest and out of danger if they are lost. It is said that if you see one out of your window, the first step towards your fate will begin that day, though it is impossible to prove if this is true. They are commonly seen in groups of four, though the most famous group was a group of three.

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