Undead DragonEdit


Adult Undead Dragon

Undead dragons are not naturally found in the veil, and they are only encountred within the depest, darkest dungeons that are found in the cliffs near the castle. They are often associated with evil and darkness, and until recently owning one was considered taboo. They are rarely found in the creche, and the rotting stench of their eggs often alerts a collecter quickly. Their flesh is falling off and the sight of one is repulsive, with guts falling out of thier midsection and their lower jawbone permanently held agape. They are brutal and do not care about what they are hunting, and once sent to attack somethng they will not stop until they are killed or until their task is done.

Release Date Unknown
Rarity RarityRarityRarityRarityRarity Ultra Rare
Note Unknown
Sprite Concept by: ?? / Sprite by: ??

Egg StagesEdit

The egg before you is smaller than most of the eggs in the creche. It has a squishy texture and you feel that handling it too much could break it.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks

This small hatchling seems quite normal, with thing bone armor plating its back and tail. It does whatever you tell it to, and it often will bring back dead animals as an offering to you. It smells quite repulsive though, and you constantly wonder how you could not see it in its egg. It likes to bite people.


100 clicks

The hatchling has now grown quite a bit, and its flesh has begun tearing on its underbelly, revealing organs and leaving a constantly dripping stream of blood wherever it goes. Its heart does not seem to beat, and it smells like rotting flesh. It has taken to attacking your other hatchling when you get mad at them, and you constantly have to reprimand it for doing so. Its lower jaw seems to not be holding onto its upper one very well, and its mouth is permanently agape.


150 clicks

An adult undead dragon is a formidable foe and ally, in the fact their one purpose is to serve the person who raised them. They are very strong and do not care if their wounds are opened more, making them a beast that will not stop until the threat or they are destroyed. Long, bony tails and back spines are a natural weapon for them, and a swift hit from either can gauge long and deep scars into any normal animal. They have no need for food or water, and although they cannot breathe fire, they have the ability to breathe a poisonous and noxious gas that can render a target unable to breathe. It is not known how eggs are found, but it is often said that the rotting flesh from one with the right enchantment becomes an egg.

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