The Toy Drive was created in order to give a use to the accumulated companions. One of the rewards is an entrance scroll to the water clan's area. Other rewards were kept a secret for a while.

How It WorksEdit

  • Go to the Bestiary and donate toys to the cause, by either using mass donate or donating invidually.
  • Each donated toy is worth 1 point. Use points to buy from the Water Shop.

General InformationEdit

Event Name Toy Drive
Started 3 February 2015
Ended 22 February 2015
Clan(s) associated Water
Forum thread Click
Profile Badge None
Event Page(s) /water To access the Shop               


"The water clan is running a toy drive- you'll find in your bestiary you can donate your companions to earn points! You won't just earn access to the area by spending points, but for now they say they'll hold off on saying what the rewards are for another week, to encourage users to donate out of kindness and not out of a goal in mind.

Though from what I've heard, they insist you're better off donating a good sum...."

Water ShopEdit

Image Points Reward
Waterd (1)
500 Water Clan's scroll
100 Undine Wyrm egg
50 Water Dragon Tiny
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