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Sugar Glider[]

Adult Sugar Glider

Sugar Gliders are a strange and curious breed, able to hop from tree to tree and grasp onto branches with their extrodinarily long claws. Their main diet is fruit, and their long and nimble paws allow them to grab the fruit with ease, and quickly pick apart the ripe flesh. They prefer mangoes over most other fruit, and often an adult will wander away into the forest for months on end and return engorged and covered in the juice of them. They are extrememly energetic, and said to be able to go a month without sleeping. They do not exist in the wild at all, instead they were created when a mage combined a sugary pastry with a garnet dragon, causing this new breed to arise. They seem to breed normally in captivity, though, making this seem unlikely.

Release Date 09 August 2013
Rarity Unknown/None

Said to be a combination of a GarnetDragon and a Cupcake.

Normal version Bought for : 2,500 BS

Chocolate version Bought for : 5,000 BS

Sprite Concept by: Sunspot/ Sprite by: Infernette

Egg Stages[]

This egg smells very sweet.

Pink egg.png
Pink egg 1.png
Pink egg 2.png
Pink egg 3.png
Pink egg 4.png
Pink egg 5.png
Pink egg 6.png
Choco egg.png
Choco egg 1.png
Choco egg 2.png
Choco egg 3.png
Choco egg 4.png
Choco egg 5.png
Choco egg 6.png
0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks Version


Baby baby pink.png
Baby baby choco.png
70 clicks

The hatchling that came out of the egg still retains its sweet smell, and it often runs around in search of food. You have offered it meat but it refuses, instead tearing into your bag to get at whatever fruit you may have. It often is chased by your other hatchlings due to their curiosity of its odd smell.


Teenage pink.png
Teenage choco.png
100 clicks

Your hatchling has grown and it has become more energetic, running from place to place with no real motives. It often will steal things from your other hatchlings, and if you have any fruit it will steal it as well, even if it is not hungry. It has been stockpiling the food in a corner of the room, and you frequently have to remove it or else a bad stench emanates from the area.


Adult Sugar Glider
Normal Chocolate
150 clicks

Your dragon is now a full grown adult, and its long neck and claws allow it to climb fruit trees and pick apart the fruit. Often you can see it heading off towards the jungle, a place where there is ample amounts of fruit to eat. Your adult has never considered travelling towards the castle's grove, and for good reason, since they use nets and other devices there to catch sugar gliders and fine their owners for whatever damage they have done. You adult is one of the most energetic creatures you have seen, often running from place to place and not taking a break for days. Eventually, though, when it tires it enters a very deep sleep, and nothing can wake it out of its slumber.