Sooty WyvernEdit


Adult Sooty Wyvern

Sooty wyverns are a wyvern that often live in the lava flats outside of the volcanic ridge that is in the upper mountain range. They do not have a very powerful flame, although there colors indicate otherwise, which they use to ward off predators. They are one of the fastest dragons, though, able to run up to fifty miles per hours for a long time, and the fastest one was reported to be able to run up to a hundred. Due to this, they are often used as steeds in the lower desert regions, often being led by one person riding one, with five or ten following behind carrying cargo. Many people have started to use them instead of horses due to their speed and calm temper.

Release Date 05 August 2013
Rarity RarityRarity Common
Sprite Concept by: Infernette / Sprite by: Infernette

Egg StagesEdit

This egg is a dull grey color. Specks of dust often drift off it.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks

This hatchling has very bright, red wings that complement its very dull grey color. It tends to run away from you when you get near to it, and if any of your other creatures approach it, it tends to run away from them very quickly. It often tries to set things on fire, though it never succeeds.


100 clicks

Your hatchling has grown, and it often makes loud chirping noises and is a very good running. It is able to outrun any of your other dragons, though when it attempts to fly it is not nearly fast enough. It often attempts to set many things on fire, though its fire is extremely weak. It often will eat berries and other fruits, and it likes to chase rabbits and chickens.


150 clicks

Your adults sooty ash wyvern is one of the fastest things you have encountered before, often able to outrun rabbits and deer with ease. It does not eat these animals, though, instead choosing to test its own speed. If it encounters a creature that is faster than it, it will spend hours training to become better. Its weak flame is not useful for attack, but it is able to use the flame to cook its food. It also sometimes volunteers to help you cook your own food when you take it with you on exploring, and it also allows you to ride it to your destination, speeding up the time that it takes for you to get from place to place.

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