Adult Skyshine

Skyshines are one of the most annoying species of dragons to keep when attempting spells or learning new skills, as the presence of these dragons will often neautralize magic and channel it to nothing more than a lustrous sheen. These dragons take patience as their powers inhibit not only human, but also draconian magic, and may cause some of your more powerful creatures to leave your presence until you have hatched, raised, and let your skyshine wander. Even the presence of the eggs of these dragons will annoy some, as the focal wells on the shell possess a much weaker, but still felt nullification property.
Release Date 13th March 2015
Rarity Greenstar Event/Limited
Variations ?
Alt Rarity ?
How To Obtain


Type Dragon
Affinity ?
Sprite Infernette



This dull egg has shiny splotches surrounded by a thick, brown substance.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks



100 clicks

This tiny hatchling has a very shiny frill and belly scales. It often will raise its frill to try and intimidate your other hatchlings, although it does not do well. The strange ridges on its belly seem to channel magic when you use it nearby. Its grown now and the magic it channels seems to be used later by it, to do mundane tasks. Your arcanes seem to act funny around it, and will refrain from being in the same room. It seems to neutralize any magic you attempt to place upon it as well. 


150 clicks

Your hatchling has grown and its incredible magic neutralization powers seem to be mostly at use for it to illuminate its belly. You finally realise that the shiny scales that it bears upon its stomach, wings, and frills are no different than the ones on the rest of its body, but are special due to being the means by which this dragon releases its collected magic. Being in the same room as it seems to mute your arcane dragons, and as such, they will stay far away from any hint of its presence. They have gone so far as to even ignore you for hours, even once the dragon has left your presence. 

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