Serpens ColorsEdit

Serpens Colors

Adult Serpens Colors

Serpens Colors are a rare creature only found in captivity. Due to the fact that they can only be obtained in this way, it is a sure sign of a well managed mage for them to own a serpens. They are one of the most lively species of dragon though, with their vibrant and bright wings shimmering in the breeze, and often when they are seen in the sky it is during rains when it is slightly sunny, often whole herds of them can be seen chasing after a rainbow.
Release Date 04 December 2013
Rarity Bluestar Bred
Variations No variation
Alt Rarity Spriter's Alt
How To Obtain Breeding Arcus Pluvius with Heterochroma Dragon


Type Dragon
Affinity ?
Note Came out on the Day 4 Of The Twelfth Year
Sprite Infernette & Bakura

Spriter's Alt InformationEdit

No. Of Colors 1
Original Pair Owner(s) Bakura
Male Name Mechirueteru
Female Name Kurisumasu
Family Name Ice Of Colors



This egg is quite plain besides the few dots running along its side. 

Serpens Colors Egg2
0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


Serpens Colorsbby
Serpens Colorsbbyalt
Normal Alt
70 clicks



Serpens Colorsbteen
Serpens Colors Teen
Normal  Alt
100 clicks

Your hatchling has grown, and now it has grown a mane of fur along its back. It also has grown a pair of wing supports, but seems to lack any membrane to fly with. It still prefers to stare out of your window.


Serpens Colors
Serpens Colorsaltlight
Normal Alt
150 clicks

Your hatchling has finally reached adulthood, and it seems to have finally grown in its wing membranes. The membranes are quite thing and beautifully colored, sometimes when it flies small scales will drift off and it looks as if its wings are a rainbow mist. Your dragon prefers to only go out when it is sunny outside, and prefers to sit and stare at the sky and watch the weather. If it is sunny and raining, you will often see it flying off to chase a rainbow. 

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