Rykier (1)

Adult Normal Rykier

Rykier are one of the strangest dragons, with their vestigial wings, tiny heads and arms, long necks, and fat bellies and legs. They are seen though as a creature made by the goddess of life, due to a strange story that depicts a dragon that was able to shoot cannon shot, which is similar to the 'flame' that these dragons use. Although their strange bodies prevent them from moving at a quick pace, these dragons are still feared by most people due to their unique flame, which consists of a rock heated to an extreme temperature that allows for it to shoot long distances and easily knock out any prey or enemy. These creatures, though, are not kept by most mages due to their insatiable urge to eat any sort of rock matter.
Release Date ? ? 2014
Rarity Rarity Very Common

Greenstar Special

Variations 2 (Normal and Special)
Alt Rarity No alt
How To Obtain

Creche (Normal)

Ruins (Normal)

Raffle (Special - Aeon)

Type Dragon
Affinity ?
Sprite Infernette



This egg is incredibly bumpy.

Rykeir egg
0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


Rykier baby
70 clicks



100 clicks

This small hatchling is incredibly fat. It also loves to mess around in piles of dirt, and seems to love consuming rocks. It has now grown a pair of wings, although it does not seem to enjoy using them that often.


Rykier (1)
Aeon rykier
Normal Special (Aeon)
150 clicks ---

Your hatchling has finally reached adulthood, and it seems to thoroughly enjoy consuming rocks to sit them back at targets. Often you can see it try to pry off stone from buildings for its ammo, and you have to quickly reprimand it before it consumes the entirety of the wall. It is also one of the fattest dragons you know, its large belly and tail both big enough to support its body weight so that it can rest upon its hind legs at any time. It also seems to enjoy hanging out by the lakes nearby, but you are not entirely sure why.

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