Mango WyrmEdit

Mango dragon1

Adult Mango Wyrm (new sprite)

Mango wyrms are one of the most alarming species of dragon, constantly binging on rotten fruit that will make them go into a drunken stupor. They are often kept away from cities and streets due to the fact they are large enough to tear up infrastructure if they bump into it on their clumsy walks. They will often hang around fruit vendors in the open air markets, waiting for a chance to steal any fruit that may be dropped or left unattended. They are often despised by many for their lazy, carefree behavior and to obtain one, you must prove your ability as a mage to care for it and prevent it from resorting to theivery.
Release Date 01 September 2013
Rarity RarityRarity Common
Variations No variation
Alt Rarity No alt
How To Obtain Forest
Type Wyrm
Affinity ?
Sprite Infernette



This egg smells of fruit.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


Mango baby
70 clicks

The hatchling that came from your fruity egg is very blandly colored except for some bright splotches on its arms, face, legs, and tail. It does not get along well with your frilly ruffle dragons, and it often steals their food.


Ango teen
100 clicks

Your hatchling has grown and it often steals fruit from any other dragons, and leaves it to rot in corners and other crevices in your room. It does not consume the fruit until a few weeks afterwards, and after doing such will act dizzy and woozy and wander about carelessly. Any attempts to break its habit are futile.


Mango dragon
Old Sprite
Mango dragon1
New Sprite
150 clicks

Your hatchling has grown into an adult, and for some reason it now sports a pair of useless wings that do not aid it in any activity. It still steals fruit from your other creatures, but it now takes it outside to its rotting fruit pile. It does not seem to get fruit from any of the orchards or plants in the surrounding area, which often makes it be hated by your other creatures. It often will wander up to your room when it is under the effect of the rotting fruit, and you often have to bar your door to keep it out until it wears off. 

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