Icicle DragonEdit


Adult Icicle Dragon

Icicle dragons are often debated wether they are truely a dragon or a mammal that co-evolved to appear to be a dragon. They are one of the only species of dragons that can survive in the frozen barrens of the northern regions, and their long, fluffly fur is one of the only exaples on a dragon. They lack wings of any kind, but they have the physical force that allows them to easily pull ten trees behind them. They are often kept as pack animals in the villages of the north; their power much stronger than any horse, and their long fur keeping them from freezing. They are exclusively plant eaters, and will consume pine needles in excess.
Release Date Unknown
Rarity RarityRarity Common
Variations No variation
Alt Rarity No alt
How To Obtain



Type Drake
Affinity ?
Sprite Cassowary



This egg has icicles forming on it all the time; you constantly have to brush them off.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks

The tiny ball of fuzz before you has icicles growing on it. You do not know for certain what it is.


100 clicks

The tiny ball of fuzz before you has icicles growing on it. You do not know for certain what it is, though it seems to be a drake of some sort. Its tufts of fur seem to keep it from freezing in the subzero temperatures that it produces around its body. 


150 clicks

Icicle dragons are the oddest of the dragons, their fuzzy hide and odd stature setting them apart from other dragons, and often they are disputed as to wether they are a mammal or dragon. Around the size of a horse, they are often used by the northern villages as a way to get around, and other steeds tend to fail to survive the harsh winds without expensive covering. They have the ability to freeze objects in a casing of ice, and are often used to preserve food throughout the milder areas, since they cannot survive in hot temperatures. A large group of them dwells in the cellar of the castle, keeping all the food stores cold and providing them with a habitat.

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