Ice (2)

Adult Iceberg

Iceberg drakes are not wildly found in any areas of the veil, although it is highly suspected these drakes are not made from any sort of magic. Where they do reside, not even the highest mages can tell you, though it is greatly believed that they herald from somewhere outside of the great ring, or that they may be a creation from the water god. No further knowledge of these creatures has been found to tell us exactly where they may have resided, but their interesting growth patterns lead us to suspect a foolish mage may have preformed a very clever spell.
Release Date 17 March 2014

RarityRarity Common in Ocean

RarityRarityRarity Uncommon in Creche

Variations No variation
Alt Rarity No alt
How To Obtain



Type Drake
Affinity ?
Sprite Infernette



This egg appears to be a chunk of ice.

Ice egg
Ice egg1
Ice egg2
Ice egg3
Ice egg4
Ice egg5
Ice egg6
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Is this a joke to you
70 clicks



100 clicks

The ice has grown? You aren't entirely sure now, but it does look incredibly pretty compared to the earlier form.


Ice (2)
Old Sprite New Sprite
150 clicks

Although this dragon was recently a pile of ice, you are fine with how beautiful it is compared to any of the other dragons you have seen. The large spikes running down its spine resemble and feel like crystalline ice, and often you can only see them poking out of the water when it swims. You rarely ever see the dragon out of water, and often for good reason, since when it is on land it is often slow and lumbering. It also loves to munch upon any fish you happen to have lying around, and frequently you can see it have a large haul of caught fish perched atop its back.

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