How It WorksEdit

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11th October 10th November Little pumpkins would appear on the site at random places, in 20 minute intervals. You could click these pumpkins to gather them.
15th Ocotober 10th November Prizes could be redeemed from the Redeem page. All prizes would be bought with the pumpkins caught.
15th October 10th November In addition to the pumpkins being caught every 20 minutes, sometimes certain creatures would appear
16th October 10th November People could trick and treat others at their profiles and win collection items.

General InformationEdit

Event Name Halloween 2013
Started 11 October 2013
Ended 10 November 2013
Clan(s) associated None
Forum thread Click and Click and Click
Profile Badge
Permpkin icon
Event Page(s) /tot/view/username Username's Collection

Collection ItemsEdit

Items you could collect from trick and treat'ing:tot/view/username

Name Picture
Toilet Paper Roll
Toilet paper roll
Stink Bomb
Stink bomb
Rotten Egg
Rotten egg
Smushed Pumpkin
Smushed pumpkin
Peppermint Round
Peppermint round
Candy Apple
Candy apple
Candy Corn
Candy corn
Choco Bar
Choco bar
Chocolate Roll
Chocolate roll
Orange Peanut
Orange peanut
Sticky Glue
Sticky glue



These creatures were available during the event and could be obtained by buying them with the pumpkins found.

Name Picture Cost Breedable Note
Derpy Enchanted Pumpkin
Permpkin icon
No It would only appear on redeem page when 10 pumpkins were reached
Poisonous Mushroom Dragon
Fly alrgic
Permpkin icon
No It would only appear on redeem oage when 25 pumpkins were reached
Overgrown Enchanted Pumpkin
Permpkin icon
No It would only appearon redeem page when 15 pumpkins were reached


These creatures could be found while searching for pumpkins.

Name Picture Text Breedable Note
You attempted to obtain this pumpkin, but instead a crobbit was inside. The little creature wants to stay with you! No Found randomly
Will o' Wisp
You are surrouned by a mysteriously glowing purple light when you attempt to obtain this pumpkin. It seems that a will o' wisp would like to join you on your journey. No Found randomly
Familiar peryton
You attempted to obtain this pumpkin, but ventured too far into the hallowed forest and was ambushed by a peryton familiar. The little beast did not expect your robe to be so thick though, and its talons have become entangled inside the fabric. You take pity on the poor creature and wrap it inside your hood and take it back to your hold. The little creature wants to stay with you! You can now manage it in your No Found randomly
The pumpkin before you shines with a dull glow from the inside and is also carved with a delicate design; you assume it must be illuminated from a candle inside. Instead, it seems that the glow from inside was a cold glowwing. You quickly scoop up the poor dragon and take it home, ignoring whosever pumpkin that may have been. No Found randomly
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