Frost WyrmEdit


Frost Wyrm Adult

Frost wyrms are found in the far, far northern region of the veil. They mainly feast on lichens and berries, and build their homes in ice dends in the sides of glaciers. They are formidable foes when threatened due to their powerful freezing breath, and they often will form a symbiotic relationship with an icicle dragon to further power their breath. They need to be powerful, for near the edge of the mountains that they dwell in is the edge, and often large monsterous beasts from other realms will appear at this edge. It is said that a large frost wyrm protects the entire veil from danger in the upper regions.
Release Date 30 November 2013
Rarity RarityVery Common
Variations No variation
Alt Rarity No alt
How To Obtain Ocean
Type Wyrm
Affinity ?

Secret Release

Sprite Infernette



This cold egg has a puddle forming at its base.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks

he hatchling that has come from the watery egg is shy, and it tends to hide away in your bags and robes. If one of your other hatchlings tries to mess with it, it will release a cold puff of air to defend itself.


100 clicks

You hatchling has grown so more, but it still prefers to be left alone. It is extremely recludsive, and if another dragon tries to annoy it, it resorts to hitting it with a cold blast of air to defend itself. Often, though, if an icicle hatchling is around, it will lose its reclusive behavior and wrap itself around the spines on the icicle's body. 


150 clicks

Your hatchling has finally reached adulthood, and it seems to be still shy and wants to stay into its little lair of your bags and items. It also prefers to hang around with your icicle dragons and relax upon their backs, often you have noticed that when it is not with an icicle dragon drips of water seem to melt off of it.

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