Added in Summer 2014, fishing allows you to fish a special kind of companions as well as inventory items useful for later. You can throw a reel and wait some time to reel in. Each reel gains experience per fishing attempt. Higher level reels bring cooler prizes. You can also buy different reels for Reactor Stones.


Rods can be frozen to maintain their level. They won't gain any more experience and won't level up.

Image Level Price
0 50 RS
1 100 RS
2 200 RS
3 300 RS
4 400 RS
5 500 RS

Rods experienceEdit

Rods level up at 105 experience.

Reeled in Experience
Nothing 1
Broken Line 2
Junk/Items 3
Fish 5
Boxes 7
Eggs 10


Image Name Description Type Rods Level
Soggy letter
Soggy Letter Hopefully it wasn't for the lotto! Inventory Item 0,1,2,3,4
Muddy Branch
Muddy Branch Ewww it's covered in algae... Inventory Item 0,1,2,3,5
Old cloak
Old Cloak An old, ragged cloak. You hope it was just trash and someone didn't lose it. Inventory Item 0,1,2,3,4,5
Rusty armor
Rusty Armor A rusted piece of dragon armor. It could be of use if your dragons didn't find it itchy. Inventory Item 1,3,5
Broken jar
Broken Jar Don't cut yourself on it, it's still sharp! Inventory Item 1,2,4,5
Torn scroll
Torn Scroll Yep, that's Aszerath's. Inventory Item 0,1,2,3,4,5
Box Box (can be opened to obtain rewards) 2,3,4,5
Old ribbon
Old Ribbon You dearly hope someone made this... Inventory Item 2,3,4,5
Gold fish
Goldfish It's slightly derpy and has no idea where it is. Poor thing. Fish Companion 0
Cray Cray It lost its mind awhile ago. Fish Companion 0
Flyfish Look its a bird! Its a plane! No its a Fish Companion 0
Green pin
Green Pin Green pins are close relatives to yellow pins, and have an appetite and attitude to match. Fish Companion 0
Puice bluffer
Puice Bluffer Yes, puice is a pink color. I didn't know that either, initially. Fish Companion 0
Scud A tiny isopod that lives in rivers, creeks, streams, and puddles. Often eaten by crayfish. Fish Companion 0
Blue stinger
Blue Stinger Blue stingers are often found in marshy ponds and streams, and when startled are not afraid to use the poison stinger on their tail. They glow under certain lights. Fish Companion 0,1
Light stinger
Light Stinger Light stingers are devout followers of the light clan, and sometimes can be found dried out on the beach trying to follow their leader. Or they're just dried out on the beach. No one is really sure, you can't read the mind of a fish. Fish Companion 1
Lobster Nom nom nom. Fish Companion 1
Yellow pin
Yellow Pin Yellow pins are close relatives to green pins, and have an appetite and attitude to match. Fish Companion 1
Silver fish
Silverfish It's slightly less derpy than its gold cousin, but still has no idea where it is. Poor thing. Fish Companion 1
Green bluffer
Green Bluffer It's scared of you. Terrified, even. Fish Companion 1
Isopod Its terrifying. Just look it up. Fish Companion 1
Fallfish Named after the colors, not because it falls. How does a fish fall anyways? There in water. They sink. Fish Companion 1
Putrid yelper
Putrid Yelper It is an icky green color, and seems to hate ruffled yelpers. Fish Companion 2
Sunshiner It looks so weird. You don't even know why it has 'shiner' in its name. Fish Companion 2
Red harkwin
Red Harkwin If you step on this you'll regret ever getting this thing. Fish Companion 2
Jokefish It isn't actually that funny. Fish Companion 2
Green turtle
Green Turtle It's a pretty big, green turtle. I like turtles. Fish Companion 2
Crab Get enough of these and you'll have a feast! Fish Companion 2
Caddisfly It makes a beautiful little case around it that it hides in from all the big, scary monsters. Fish Companion 2
Sticks Only known as 'sticks' because it's delicious. Fish Companion 3
Fancy Caddisfly This caddisfly has found some shiny items to dress up in. Don't be hatin. Fish Companion 3
Ruffled yelper
Ruffled Yelper It is a pretty brown color, and seems to love digging in the mud. It often builds mud 'homes' for itself. Fish Companion 3
Moonshiner No, it does not bootleg illicit drinks in the mountains. Fish Companion 3
Laughfish It laughs at EVERYTHING. Fish Companion 3
Gilded harkwin
Gilded Harkwin Also known as the 'ow' fish. Fish Companion 3
Brown turtle
Brown Turtle It's a pretty big, brown turtle. Although it looks like chocolate with mint, do not eat it. Fish Companion 3
Snapping turtle
Snapping Turtle No, you do NOT want to put your hand by its mouth. Fish Companion 4
Purpose What is this for? Fish Companion 4
Brown Newt Extremely poisonous, lick on site. Fish Companion 4
Bigtooth Just trust me on this, their teeth ARE big. Fish Companion 4
Angler Fish Ooooooooooooh shiny. Go one, touch it, the teeth won't hurt you. Fish Companion 4
Alli Just because it's a girly name does not mean it is a girly animal. Fish Companion 4
Sharptooth It is not recommended to see if they do, in fact, have sharp teeth. Fish Companion 5
Meaning What does it mean? Fish Companion 5
Line Fish It just wants you to hug it. Hug it. Fish Companion 5
Green Newt It is telling you to lick it. Lick it so you can be poisoned. Don't lick it. Fish Companion 5
Gator You can pretend your arms are it's mouth. Or it can pretend your arms are it's dinner. I like the first one. Fish Companion 5
Dragon turtle
Dragon Turtle If it bites you, you'll also get third degree burns. Doesn't that seem fun? Fish Companion 5
Wave Runner Egg 5
Seadrake Egg 5
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