How do I grow my creatures?Edit

Creatures in Forest of Mirrors grow up through clicks. Each creature can only receive one click per day from a single IP, that means after you clicked a creature, you can only give it another click the next day (visiting the page multiple times with the same IP and/or in the same day will not help it grow).

Clicks Stage
0 to 9 Egg
10 to 19 Egg (stage 1)
20 to 29 Egg (stage 2)
30 to 39 Egg (stage 3)
40 to 49 Egg (stage 4)
50 to 59 Egg (stage 5)
60 to 69 Egg (stage 6)
70 to 99 Baby
100 to 149 Teen (doesn't take up slots)
150 Adult (doesn't take up slots)

What are alts and how can I get them?Edit

Alts are different colored versions of the same creature. They can be of two types: Spriter/Concept-Maker's alt (and the only way to get them is to receive them from the original owner) or a normally captured creature with a low chance to alt. Some species have multiple alts, others only have one. 

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