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Normal speciesEdit

Egg Description Species Parent Species
Pogoegg This egg glitters beautifully. Alum Dragon
Amaeegg This crystalline egg is quite bumpy. Amae-Amae
Amazing0 This soft, leathery egg bears strange metallic flecks. Amazing Egg
Amorphous0 This egg smells incredibly bad. Amorphous
Angel1 This egg shines brilliantly. Angelus Serpentis Angel Serpent
Angel3 Engel Serpentis
Angel2 Enkeli Serpentis
Arcane2 This egg gives off a beautiful glow. Arcane Dragon Arcane
Arcane1 Arcanus Dragon
Technicegg This egg has multiple colored splotches on it. Arcus Pluvius
Armoregg This egg has a large metal piece attached to it. Armor Drake
Aromaticegg0 This egg gives off a spicy smell. Aromatic Wyvern
Auvegg A brilliant blue splash of color decorates the shell of this egg. Auvis
Baenalkinegg This dark purple egg emits a strong warmth. Baenalkin
Twee This little tree looks interesting. You think you could obtain it! Balsa Tree
Ezimba14333017954400 This egg looks like a root.  Balsa Wyrm
Baubleegg This egg feels like glass. It is also has a bump on the top with a single spine poking out of it. Bauble Long
Bellegg This egg is a pretty gold color. It also has two odd markings at the top. Bell Drake
Beardieegg This egg has some silky fur sticking to it. Bearded Dragon
BlackEgg This black egg has three dark brown stripes down the side. Black
Smoreegg This egg is a burnt brown color. Blind Wyrm
Bronzeegg 2 This egg is a shiny bronze color. Bronze Dragon
This egg gleams in contact with any light. Caldony
This egg glows in a few areas. Candle Elk
Capegg1 This egg feels like a ball of fluff. Capricious
CarrotEgg0 This egg is a deep golden color. It smells faintly of dirt and other creatures try to eat it. Carrot
Prettyegg This egg is beautiful. Charger
Chk egg 1 This egg is a dull brown color. It is smaller than most of the eggs you have seen. Chicken
ClayEgg0 This egg smells and feels like dirt. Any touching it leaves imprints, although they disappear after a few seconds. Clay
This dull egg has earthy splotches of moss on it. Clover Scale
Coalegg A lump of coal. Coal Split
This egg looks more like a deflated chicken egg than anything hatchable. Your toads like to sit on it. Cockatrice
Oh. Someone seems to have placed a piece of corn into the creche. Butterfly Unicorn  Corn Plant
This small, green egg shines in moonlight. Danican Gyan
This egg is quite warm, and is smaller than the others. Dark Phoenix
Fallegg This egg has a few dead leaves attached to its shell. Deadleaf
Mantisegg This egg is securely glued to the leaf. Degris Mantis
This jelly like egg is transparent. Diomandra
This egg has a soft, slimy surface. Drac
This egg is quite ethereal. Drac O Wisp
This rotted egg seems to have already hatched. Drachenleiche
Qingegg A small pattern of clouds are on the edge of this egg. Dreamaker
EmeraldEgg0 This egg is a deep green color. It bears a small green gem on the top of the shell, and it shines in the sun. Emerald
Enchanted Macchiato Egg This egg has an aromatic scent. Enchanted Macchiato
ErebusEgg0 This egg is very hot to the touch. You cannot stand being near it for too long without having to get away to cool off. Erebus
FaeEgg0 This egg is a shiny light purple color. It has small particles of dust on it that make you sneese. Fae
Fireegg This egg is quite iridescent. Sometimes it seems to make a popping noise. Firework Drake
Lotus eggOrchegg2 This egg is trapped inside a flower. Flower Dragon
FrillyRuffleEgg This egg has sharp spines sticking out from the top. Frilly Ruffle
Frostegg This cold egg has a puddle forming at its base. Frost Wyrm
GarnetEgg0 This egg is a dull red color. It has a small red gem on the top of it. It slightly shines in the sun. Garnet
Gembeast amber0
This egg is embedded with deep orange gems. Amber Gembeast
Gembeast amethyst0
This egg is encrusted with light purple gems. Amethyst
Gembeast cinnabar
This egg is embedded with purple-red gems. Cinnabar
Gembeast dioptase0
This egg is embedded with translucent blue gems. Dioptase
Gembeast kyanite0
This egg is embedded with deep blue gems. Kyanite
Gembeast pearl
This egg is embedded with nacreous, iridescent gems. Pearl
Gembeast sugilite0
This egg is embedded with purple gems. Sugilite
Gembeast tigereye0
This egg is embedded with chatoyant gems. Tiger Eye
Ghostegg1 This egg isn't here. Ghost Dragon
GlowWyrmEgg0 This egg is a dull blue color. Glow Wyrm
Goldegg This egg shines with a beautiful gold hue. Gold
Bov1 This egg is a deep red color. Gravick
Summeregg This egg has a fresh leaf constantly in orbit around it. Greenleaf
Cystal This egg has a few colors buried under its crystal encasement. Heterochroma Dragon
HollyEgg0 This brown egg has a few spiny leaves attached to it. Holly Pygmy
Honeyegg This egg is covered with a sweet, sticky substance. Honey Wyrm
Sakegg This egg has a pile of flower petals at the bottom of it. Hua Long
Ice egg This egg appears to be a chunk of ice. Iceberg
IcicleEgg0 This egg has icicles forming on it all the time; you constantly have to brush them off. Icicle
Activescroll This scroll is sealed with a powerful magic. Inkwell
IronEgg0 This egg shines in any light. If you place it out for too long though, it gets tarnished and must be wiped. Iron
Java egg This egg smells with a crisp and almost spice like aroma. Java Dragon
Kirinegg This egg matches the soil around it.This egg smells of grass. Kirin
LettuceEgg0 It has a light green sheen to it, and most of your creatures try to eat it. Lettuce
Longegg It is a tiny baby...thing. Longan
LunarWing2Egg0 This egg has a very bright glow around it. Lunar Wing
Mag1 The heat from this egg causes the air to shimmer. Magma Dragon
MangoWyrmEgg0 This egg smells of fruit. Mango Wyrm
MelodyEgg0 This egg has a painted splotch on the front, and a humming noise is heard from within. Melody
This green and orange egg gives off a slightly tart smell. Citrine Melrunes Midge
This pink and yellow egg gives off a slightly tart smell. Peachy
Mottled egg This tiny egg is slightly spotted. Midgewing
Springegg This egg is buried in a patch of small grass and flowers. A small hole has opened up near the center of the shell. Newleaf
NoiseEgg0 This egg has three yellow stripes along its shell. It is repulsed by most of your dragons. Noise
Darkegg This dark, tiny hatchling is completely reliant on water. You rarely see it, although it sometimes gives off a faint glow and you can see it many feet under the water. Parafinned
Plant life egg This egg is entwined in a small plant. Plant Life
QuakeDrakeEgg0 This egg has a few spines protruding from it. Quake Drake
Quilinegg This egg feels like a rock. Quilin
RadishEgg0 This egg is a reddish green color. It smells faintly of spice and other creatures try to eat it. Radish
RedEgg0 This egg is a deep red in color, with a few spines sticking out from the back. Some stripes pattern it. Red
RibbonEgg0 This egg is a deep purple color, and shines. It is very soft. Ribbon
RubyEgg0 This egg is a deep red color. It bears a small red gem on the top of the shell, and it shines in the sun. Ruby
RustEgg0 This egg is a dull, reddish orange color. It has a few flecks of brown on it that easily fall off. Rust
Rykeir egg This egg is incredibly bumpy. Rykier
SapphireEgg0 This egg is a deep blue color. It bears a small blue gem on the top of the shell, and it shines in the sun. Sapphire
Seaegg This egg is various shades of blue. Seadrake
Bredegg This egg is quite plain besides the few dots running down its side. Serpens Colors
Pearlegg This egg is made of sand. Shell Drake
Lightegg This egg constantly has lightning shooting off it. Shen Long
Tinyegg This tiny egg is tan. Shink
Hydraegg A beautiful blue egg. Siciallian Hudra
Silveregg This egg is a shining silver color. Silver Long
Singularityegg This egg perfectly depicts the night sky. Singularity Singularity
SkyAmphitereEgg0 This egg is a beautiful sky blue color. Sky Amphitere
SoilEgg0 You are not sure if this is a clod of dirt or an egg, but it seems solid. Soil
SolarWing2Egg0 This egg has a very bright glow around it. Solar Wing
SootyWyvernEgg0 This egg is a dull grey color. Specks of dust often drift off it. Sooty Wyvern
StaticEgg0 This egg shocks you when you touch it, and it has a small gem plastered to the side by some unknown force. Static
Pink egg This egg smells very sweet. Sugar Glider Sugar Glider
Choco egg Chocolate Sugar Glider
The rot The egg is disgustingly soft and covered with pustules. The Rot
Timberegg This egg smells like fresh pine. Timber Wyvern
Toadegg This egg is quite squishy and small. Toad
TreeHopperEgg0 This egg is jelly like in consistency, and partially transparent. A small dot resides in the center. Tree Hopper
TurquoiseEgg1 This egg is a grey color with blue stripes. A small, light blue gem is stuck to the top. Turquoise
UndeadEgg0 The egg before you is smaller than most of the eggs in the creche. It has a squishy texture and you feel that handling it too much could break it. Undead
Undineegg This green, bumpy egg is quite moist. Undine Wyrm
WaveRunnerEgg0 This egg shines with a blue green hue. Wave Runner
This purple egg is covered in slime. Balatuan Windslug Windslug
This green egg is covered in slime. Yivartian Windslug
Winteregg This egg has a patch of snow at the top. It is also very cold. Winterleaf
Wishegg This egg has strange glimmering scales on it. It frequently changes color. Wish Long
Witheregg1 This egg is quite dry. Witherskin
Wormwyrmegg This egg is half buried. Worm Wyrm
YellowEgg0 This egg is a pale yellow color. Nothing else about it stands out. Yellow


Adult-only speciesEdit

These are species that don't have growing stages and only appear in Adult form. They are still listed here for reference, but without an egg image and description.

Image Species Parent Species
Cocodergun Cocowyrm
Crowrabbitfam Crobbit
Derpkin Derpy Enchanted Pumpkin
Gowwing Glowwing
Permpkling Overgrown Enchanted Pumpkin
Familiar peryton Peryton
Fly alrgic Poisonous Mushroom Dragon
ReplesAdult Reples Turtle
Bluestone demon Bluestone Small Demon
Fire demon Fire
Reactor demon Reactor
Shock demon Shock
Soot demon Soot
Wisp demon Wisp
Derktree Will O' Wisp
Dragonkite Windheight
Wish Wish Dragon
Glwwj Wrtawij Pykt
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