Corrupted MidgewingEdit

Dark midge

Adult Corrupted Midgewing

Midgewings are one, if the the, smallest breed of dragon in the veil. They were originally thought to be a hybrid species from a bird and a dragon, but with the recent studies of the forest it is found they are a rare example of a feathered dragon. They often are seen feasting on the fruits of the forest, and if they are attacked or pestered they can use a weak form of magic that bends the will and thoughts of the attacker. Studies have been done to try and amplify this magic for dark uses, but it has only resulted in corrupted forms of midgewings wandering through the depths of the forest.

Release Date 24 November 2013
Rarity Common
Note Hidden Release (no post about it)
Sprite Concept by: Infernette / Sprite by: Infernette

Egg StagesEdit

This tiny egg is slightly spotted.

Mottled egg
Mottled egg1
Mottled egg2
Mottled egg3
Mottled egg4
Mottled egg5
Mottled egg6
0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks

The small hatchling that hatched out of the ever so small egg is quite ugly. It tends to chirp and beg for food from you, and often your other dragons will bring it bugs or seeds to get it to leave them alone.


Dark midgetn
100 clicks

Your hatchling has grown, and its wing's skin has grown in and a very soft layer of feathers now cover its entire body. A few dark patches otherwise make it stand out from your other midges, and it eyes are bright purple, but nothing else seems off. It still chirps and begs for food, though less often, and often will attempt to fly and fend for its own. If it needs anything though, it will often go to your other dragons and sit at their feet and chirp, often causing the victim to walk off and fetch whatever the hatchling has demanded.


Dark midge
150 clicks

Description isn't exist.

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