Clover ScaleEdit


Adult Clover Scale

Clover Scale dragons are called because of their strong affinity with the clover plant. These dragons feed exclusively on this flora and use their specialized magic to grow and farm this plant, and will spend hours weeding out deformed and unique specimens. These dragons are otherwise completely silent and isolated into their own thoughts, preferring to keep to their own and tend their gardens over socializing and meddling in the affairs of others. 
Release Date 15th March 2015
Rarity Greenstar Event/Limited
Variations ?
Alt Rarity ?
How To Obtain


Type Dragon
Affinity ?
Sprite Infernette



This dull egg has earthy splotches of moss on it.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks



100 clicks

This tiny hatchling has patches of moss growing all along its belly, and seems to be attracted to clover patches. It often will use some sort of strange magic to grow the clovers- before eating them. Its grown a pair of wings now and although it still uses its powers to grow food, it also seems to collect clovers of odd numbers and colors. Its has a small collection, and refuses to eat these strange ones.


150 clicks

Your hatchling has grown and its power to grow fields of clover not only provide food for it, but also lend its collection a large variety. The moss on the belly of this adult seems to react with the weather, also, and control the strength of its powers. During stormy weather, it seems to be incredibly weakened and unable to grow its own food, and you have to attain assistance so that it does not starve during long stormy seasons. During strong sunlight, it is able to easily fill an entire yard with clover, and the few times it has done this, it is happily willing to share its food.

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