By belonging to a clan, your daily actions will influence its position in the Clan Ranking (see below). If your clan is in control, you will get nice advantages for a week, including an extra slot. Certain clans also have an area of their own to catch eggs and by being in that clan you have free entry to it. If you don't belong to those clans, you will have to pay and/or do certain quests to get access to those areas.

Elements are chosen at the beginning of each user's journey and cannot be changed unless under special circumstances.

Clan/Area ListEdit

Image Name Area Access Description How to gain access
Fire None Besir - The fire element. A symbol of great vanity and nobility done for attention. They often are quite serious about issues, and don't take well to jokes or pranks, often failing to see the humor. They hold an event each summer in the peak of the heat, that involves burning incense, spices, and small dolls. Gives access to the volcano area. Symbol dragon is coal split. ---



Forest Jesi-Jasi - The nature element. They are often quite odd, and will stare out windows or at objects for days, trying to solve a problem. They tend to be at odds with members of Feliz. They hold an event at the beginning of spring, and hide gifts with riddles and other puzzles and let others find them. Gives access to the forest area. Symbol dragon is plant life. Buying a scroll in Morado's
Life Ruins Drefni'Naruta - The life element. They are reclusive and peculiar, often doing things without any reason or cues, that seems to only make sense to them. They often have split emotion over many things, and can go from enjoying a party to hiding in the corner in fear. There is a hushed event that is randomly placed each year, with the celebration of new creatures being found. Gives access to the ruins area. Symbol dragon is unknown. Flower Fields 2015



Lightlands Felis - The sun element. They are often high thinkers and aristocrats, and enjoy showing off to their fellow peers and bragging about new achievements. They are often seen in the dining hall of the castle, chatting and drinking and eating fine foods. They hold a fancy event at the beginning of the summer solstice, often with luxurious items and creatures given away. Gives access to the fire area. Symbol is topaz dragon. Light vs Dark 2015



Darklands Aszerath - the shadow element. A symbol of shadow and darkness. Also a symbol of messages and messangers. Not much is known about this clan. Finishing The Thirteenth Year quest
Stone (1)



Plateau Rethain-Luse - The earth element. They are often quite upset over past occurrences, and are often puzzled as to why others cannot learn from their mistakes and do not care if they make them. They hold an event during the fall to remember the good times they had that year, before the cold separates them. Gives access to a mountain area. Symbol dragon is quake drake. Purchasing a scroll with 30 rocks during the Rock Collection Event
Water Ocean Aquan - The water element. A symbol of mysterious doings and good deeds done in secret. They are often mischievous and have an immature sense of humor, and are often trying to bother members of the Besir clan. They hold an event each winter to secretly give gifts to each other. Gives access to the ocean area. Symbol dragon is seadrake.

Gifting 10 eggs in the Christmas event

Reaching X points in the Toy Drive

Wind/Sky The Western Hills Cellon - The sky element. They are closed off to others and prefer to study and learn to better the future. They feel that the past is irrelevant, and that they need to fix each problem however they can. They hold an event at the end of the year, to celebrate the moving forward of the years and the work towards the betterment of life. Gives access to the sky area. Symbol dragon is sky amphitere. They Reaching 50 feathers at the Windheight Festival 2015

Changing your elementEdit

There was only one occasion where users could change their element. It occured in 2013, when the Dark/Shadow clan was introduced, everyone had the chance to change their clan to Dark if they wished but couldn't go back to their previous one.

Clan RankingEdit

In a week, clans will gather points from various activities. At the end of that week, the points reset for the counting to start for the new week and the clan that had the most points right before reseting will be the clan in control for the next week. The clan in control gains multiple rewards for this and won't be able to win the following week (clans can't be in control two weeks in a row).


1 extra egg slot for use in the creche
1 extra scour slot
Vast discounts on most items and eggs
Increased chest drop rate from clicking
Increased money gain from clicking
Random increased growth rate

How to contribute to the rankingEdit

Your clan wins points with the activities its members do around the site. Here's the list:

1 point per click
10 points per opened box 
50 points per released pet
50 points per family made
75 points per returned successful scour mission
75 points per completed quest
100 points per adopted egg
100 points for every bred egg(each egg, not breeding)
150 points per bought egg(only 75 for bought shinks)
200 points for every adopted field egg
300 points for every bought slot
500 points for ever person who joins your clan

How to check which clan is in chargeEdit

Using the dark bootstrap theme, the icon of the clan in charge should be at the top right corner, above the time and season. Hovering over it will show you the name.

How to check the current rankingsEdit

Going to Explore > Clans will show you the rankings. Please note the clan that is in 1st place in this rank is notthe clan in control, it might be the clan in control for the following week though!

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