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Adult Black Dragon

Black dragons are one of the only nocturnal dragon species that live in the viel. Their dark hide and markings make them excellent hunters, and their eyesight is built for night. If out during the day, one can be sure that the dragon is ill, for they cannot see during daylight. They often are seen in dark caves during the day instead, and at night their silhouettes are seen as faint blips interrupting the stars. Their eggs can easily be taken at night, if a mage is willing enough to go up a mountain side during night. Often, if an egg is born between night and day, it is said that the hatchling is blessed with the ability to see both in day and night, and their markings are often morphed to reflect so.
Release Date Unknown
Rarity RarityVery Common
Variations No variation
Alt Rarity No alt
How To Obtain



Type Dragon
Spriter Cassowary



This black egg has three dark brown stripes down the side.

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


70 clicks

This hatchling has a frill of spikes along its spine, and it seems to be confused as to how to use them. 


100 clicks

This hatchling has a frill of spikes along its spine, and it seems to be confused as to how to use them. It now has taken to trying to learn to fly, though it seems to fail more often than not. Maybe it wasn't meant to fly?


150 clicks

Black dragons have a very special power compared to most of the other dragons, since their wings do not work like normal creatures. To fly they must move the spines on their back in a wave formation, and they have the ability to fly very high and silently because of it. They are often useful for hunting for animals during night, since their dark hide and silent flight makes them the perfect ambush predator. In the northern regions where they live, it is often advised to bring a very bright lantern with you to spot them or ward them off, or to stay inside during night instead, or else you risk ambush. They have excellent night vision and are often kept by people trying to learn spells to enhance sight, although it is not known if their sight is from magic or natural selection. 

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