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Adult Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are so named for their long neck fur. These silky long strands from the neck and tail are so soft they are said to be finer than silk, but so strong they cannot be easily broken or even cut with a blade not imbued with magic. Because of this many hunt for the shed strands in the spring in order to weave it into a strong, light cloth. The dragons themselves are said to be stubborn and hard to train, so few take the time to raise them domestically. Their easy solution for getting the fur has led to the rarity of the species and so only the richest of Mundanes or highest of Arch-mages can afford to posses more than a small pouch made of this substance.
Release Date ??? 
Rarity RarityRarityRarityRarityRarityUltra Rare
Variations ???
Alt Rarity ???
How to Obtain Creche
Affinity ???
Sprite Mysfytt

Spriter's Alt InformationEdit

No. Of Colors 1
Original Pair Owner(s) Mysfytt
Male Name Fuzzy
Female Name Fluff
Family Name



This egg has some silky fur sticking to it

0 clicks 10 clicks 20 clicks

30 clicks

40 clicks 50 clicks 60 clicks


Normal Alt
70 clicks

This tiny hatchling has strong teeth and is not afraid to use them.


Normal Alt
100 clicks

This tiny hatchling has strong teeth and is not afraid to use them. Its grown now and has also developed small wings and a luxuriant growth of golden fur on its neck and tail.


Normal Alt
150 clicks

Your hatchling has grown bigger and so has the length of its silken fur. It spends a lot of time grooming itself, causing loose strands to be shaken free. You find the golden strands quite beautiful and collect them, though with care since you catch your dragon glaring at you with slitted eyes more than once when you do. You remember it's now very large teeth.

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