Arcus Pluvius are known for their bright and vibrant colors, and their intelligent and cunning smarts. They are able to solve problems much faster than any carrot dragon has ever been reported to, but due to their rarity they are usually not treasured for their smarts. They instead are much more valued for the fact that their bodies have a scale that is in every color, and often jewlers will raise this species just so they can have a scale to accent any piece of jewelry they may want to use. This species also has powerful jaws, strong claws, and incredible speed, but due to their bright and vibrant colors, they are not able to be used in hunting or in battle. They instead though, are used in training of other dragons such as black dragons, so that beginner black dragons may learn to utilize their speed and flight skills.


Egg Edit

This egg has multiple colored splotches on it.

Baby Edit

The hatchling resembles the egg it came from in nearly every way, and it is quite rambunctious. It seems to be able to understand what you are saying to it, though it often will stare at you and then ignore whatever you said, sometimes even rolling its eyes at you. It enjoys eating fish and other sea creatures such as crab and shrimp, but will sometimes enjoy chicken and honey.

Teen Edit

You hatchling has grown some more, and it now seems to be more attentive of your existence and what you tell it, though sometimes it will still listen to you and acknowledge what you say, though it still ignores what you say sometimes. It often tries to sneak out, but you catch it before it gets the chance to leave, its still developing brain is not capable of understanding how windows work yet.

Adult Edit

Your hatchling has finally grown, and it often will let you ride it around and seems to fully comprehend your words and what you are able to understand. Its stunning colors make it stand out from the other dragons and such, and often it will have a group of hatchlings following it around, which makes it most difficult for your dragon to eat, since it prefers to be alone when eating and also prefers to not share.



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Growing SequenceEdit

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