In this page, all alternate colors and sprites are listed by different topics. Its only purpose is to list the alternative versions of all breeds to help out with collections.

Shiny AltEdit

Shiny alts are different colors of a certain breed. Each egg of the following breeds has a small chance to turn alt. Shiny Alts have a grey star Greystar in the place of their rarity.

Image Breed
Arcusalt Arcus Pluvius
Bauble longalt Bauble Long
CapaltmCapfalt Capricious
Coalaltnolines Coal Split
BluesakeBluesakef Hua Long
DreamaltDreamaltf Shen Long
AltmwaveAltfwave Wave Runner

Special VersionsEdit

Limited versions of existing breeds given out as reward for doing certain tasks. These are unbreedable. It is known that the Rykier version can appear in Raffles.

Image Breed Original Breed
Wish Wish Dragon Wish Long
Aeon rykier Shadow Rykier Rykier

Multiple VersionsEdit

The same species can have more than one subspecies. Some have equal chances of appearing, others are rarer and others depend on the location you catch them. See each breed page for details.

Image Breed
Angeladult3Angeladult1Angeladult2 Angel Serpent
ArcArc1 Arcane
Ezimba14333097352800Ezimba14333098062200Planet Charger
BrammStarmRhodeOrpm Chicken
Orchid (1)Orchid1 Flower Dragon
WhiteGlowWyrmAMYellowGlowWyrmAMMagentaGlowWyrmAFGreenGlowWyrmAMCyanGlowWyrmAM Glow Wyrm
MidgeDark midge Midgewing
TreeshinkWatershinkRedtailshinkSandshink Shink
ChocopinkBabypink Sugar Glider


Certain breeds found in the creche can also be summoned using Alchemy. Alchemy versions of these creatures have a different sprite.

Image Breed
Silver Dragon
Gold1 Gold Dragon
Rusty1 Armor Drake

Spriter's AltsEdit

Artists that helped in sketching and/or spriting a new breed are given special colors of that breed. Artist alts colors can be transmited to their offsprings, so you can obtain them by ending up with an egg from an Artist Alt line. Some Artist Alts with no lineage are also given randomly through Raffles but cannot be bred. Spriter's Alts have a red star Redstar in place of their rarity.

Image Breed (gender) Original Owner Current Owner
Dermbrich Balsa Wyrm (female) Mochiccino Infernette
Dermredwood Balsa Wyrm 


Mochiccino Infernette
Bronzealt Bronze Dragon (male/female) Bakura Bakura
Mys Chicken (female) Mysfytt Mysfytt
Mysm Chicken 


Mysfytt Mysfytt
DreammakerAlt Dreamaker (male/female) Bakura Bakura
Enchanted Macchiato Adult Alt Pink Enchanted Macchiato (female) Mochiccino haineeezinha
Enchanted Macchiato Adult Alt Enchanted Macchiato


Mochiccino haineeezinha
Altadult Firework Drake (female) Lazuli Lazuli
Altadult1 Firework Drake 


Lazuli Lazuli


Bakura Bakura


Bakura Bakura
Ghostalt Ghost (male/female) Bakura Bakura
MochEdit2 Heterochroma Dragon (female) Mochiccino Infernette
MochEdit Heterochroma Dragon


Mochiccino Infernette
Inky Inkwell (male/female) Bakura Bakura
Altkirinadult Kirin (male/female) Tekla Tekla
Blu9 (1) Magma Dragon (male/female) Mysfytt Mysfytt
Serpens Colorsaltlight Serpens Colors (male/female) Bakura Bakura
Goldsilver Silver Long (male/female) (alchemy) Bakura Bakura
Goldsilver1 Silver Long 


Bakura Bakura
Gold Dragon (male/female) (alchemy) Bakura Bakura
Gold Dragon (male/female) Bakura Bakura
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